A Well Played Season


Vaqueras working hard on the court this season.

Maria Lopez, Cactus Staff Writer

If perhaps you missed out, on what was one of the most anticipated home games of the volleyball, then I’m sorry to inform you that your Halloween might’ve not been as fulfilled as you think it was! What better way to spend the evening of Halloween than at the edge of your seat during Friday night’s conquest of the Yavapai RoughRiders. Avenging their 3-0 loss to Yavapai, the Vaquera’s sure played their heart out and were more than satisfied with their winning result.

Satisfied with the night’s outcome, volleyball player, Mikayla Sweet, shows pride in her team “I think we played very-very well. We knew what we were going to do. It was worrisome considering they had beat us 3-0 last time. They’re one of our biggest rivals. However, I think we worked very well together, our sets were on point, and our serves were great. We worked very well as a team.”

Keeping the audience at the edge of their seat, both teams battled fiercely for the last winning points. One point after another, the game was finally won by the Central Arizona Vaqueras. Coach Matt Dyck commented on his team’s effort that evening, “Our kids played really well. The last time we played Yavapai they beat us up pretty good, so it was good for us to play better tonight and to win in 3. Whoever won tonight, gets to go to the play-offs. So that’s why it was pretty intense.”

Although the Central Arizona women’s volleyball team will not be competing for the region title this year, they definitely had a successful season. They placed 2nd in conference and as Runner-Up for the Region-1 title during the play-offs, with their wins totaling 14 out of 25 matches. And let’s not forget their 8- game winning-streak this season and their intense conquest of the Yavapai RoughRiders. Great season Vaqueras!

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