Three Outfits To Get You Through Winter

Socorro Carrillo, Cactus Staff Writer

The last issue for the semester is here already! What a sad time it is, but don’t fret the fashion section is here to help you get through the holidays!  This time around I’ve enlisted the help of the lovely Daniela Perez. We shopped her closet and (her sister’s shhh!) to bring you three outfits you can wear over the break. If you break a few necks from all the stares don’t send us the bill!

Outfit number one is full of great pieces! From the jeans to the edgy chain-link necklace Daniela has got Rocker Chic down. To copy this look, find a graphic tee. Try to mimic the minimalist style of Daniela’s. Big text on a blank background always looks great! If you’re looking for something a bit jazzier try for a t-shirt that features a cool piece of art. Websites like Threadless, RAD, and Blackmilk Clothing are great places to find ideas.  Your jacket should be leather-like in material, while colors should stay dark. Black works perfect but something punchier like oxblood is great for the transition from fall to winter. As for the jeans, this look isn’t called Rocker Chic for nothing. The light wash pairs perfectly with the distressed look. Rips always instantly equal “grunge.”  The outfit finishes with an edgy pair of combat boots. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, combat boots are a must for any closet; they bring that punk edge to any outfit. Accessories are kept minimal because rocker chic is meant to look effortless, so take a cue from everyone’s favorite tragedy and find something chain like a la Sid Vicious.

Olive it!

This wouldn’t be a fashion article if there wasn’t at least one pun! So forgive me for that one. However, one thing I won’t ask for forgiveness for is the gorgeous olive tone long sleeve Daniela is wearing. For the first look Daniela is wearing the long tee paired with leggings and a fabulous pair of riding boots.  Notice the hardware details on the boots; muted colors like bronze, olive, dove gray are all on trend this season. Pairing them together looks even better. To finish off the look we paired the outfit with a floppy hat. I don’t know about you but I love a floppy hat. There’s just something so Parisian-Hippie cool about wearing a hat.

The second look we’ve added some more layers to the mix. Arizona is not a tundra. Its 50 degrees in the morning and 60-70 during the day. Canadians and the Swiss laugh at us in pity when they see us bundled in hefty in winter coats.  So take a cue from Daniela and lightly layer with a cardigan and a pretty scarf. Try for a floral print, the bright pinks will really play off the overall muted tone of the outfit. Your cardigan can be any color of course but do try to stick to beige or mixed color like the “greige” Daniela is wearing.

Thanks for an awesome semester see you in the spring!

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