Maricopa’s Learning Center advertises its services.

Jesse Gollubier, Cactus Staff Writer

The Maricopa campus had a blast on Thursday, October 30th, at the Palooza.  Activities included jousting, corn-hole, and the opportunity to expand your knowledge ten-fold.  The event wasn’t just about fun it was also about learning.  There were booths ranging from financial aid appeals to early childhood development.

Each booth had activities and pamphlets pertaining to their respective subject, and if you did happen to partake in their info you received a raffle ticket.  Every twenty minutes, a lucky winner received a prize.  These prizes ranged from goodie bags that were school related to a kaleidoscope the size of a spy glass.

If you were done with the tables then there were a couple of corn-hole matches and some lawn golf.  If those were not your style, and you are a kid at heart, you could step into the arena .  A bouncy house with a raised middle and two Pugil sticks, those giant Q-tip looking things, ready for action or another bouncy house with two sets of humongous boxing gloves, were yours for the dominating, after signing a waiver of course.  According to Andrew Hernandez, “The arena area was exhilarating and I wish there were more arena-style activities.”

While all this action was going on, we had some great music playing in the foreground ranging from country to pop.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.  As one in attendance, I know that we have struggles as a relatively new campus, and I would have liked to see more activity, not only from the college, but also from our community.  But other than that, the event turned out better than I initially thought it would and I am excited about the prospect of next year’s events to come.} else {