Tis the Season to Give

Nolan Ford, Staff Writer

As the holidays roll around, we can’t wait for all the gifts we will receive. However, the best way to make this the most wonderful time of the year is through giving to others, something everyone can do one way or another.  


Do you not have a lot of money to spend or a lot of time? There are still ways to give to others without breaking the bank. You can pick up a piece of trash you see while walking around your community, thank military personnel for their service, or possibly the simplest, clean up around your dorm or house. You can help a teacher by helping in the classroom, grabbing something from around campus that they need, or you can make a present for them without spending a dime using the talents you already have.   


One of the best ways to give back during the holidays is to simply give someone a call, ask them how they are, and catch up with family or long-lost friends. You can also post on social media your gratitude for these friends or family members. One of the most personal things is to write a letter and give or mail it to someone this holiday season. 


There is a lot you can do to spread cheer with a little bit of money and some extra time on your hands. With a little bit of money, you could give a friend or teacher a $5 gift of their favorite candy or a key chain. You can also donate $5 to a charity that can make a big impact. You can also buy a simple gift from the dollar store for someone. For that one, you might want to buy them something that is personal or an inside joke.  


If you do have some left-over cash or feel like you have money that could be given to a good cause, here are some options for you. Some big ways to give are donating to a charity like Team Seas or St. Jude children’s hospital. You can also spend your day at a food drive like Feed My Starving Children or donate clothes and canned foods to your local food drives and homeless shelters.   


For more information on charities and their missions, click the following links:  

St Jude   


Feed My Starving Children   


To find your local food drive, you can simply search “food drive near me” or check out this link to Feeding America.   


To find your local Homeless shelter or other ways to help the homeless, simply search “homeless shelter near me.”   


There are options for everyone to give this season and show the holiday spirit. So don’t wait. Go out this holiday and give back to the community to spread the holiday cheer.