San Tan Campus Police Officer Scott McNutt 


Sevasti Silvia , Editor

After walking his rounds on the campus grounds, officer Scott McNutt sat down in his San Tan office, room B120, to answer a student’s questions on a Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Lighting was dim in the tidy room due to a new decal that covered his window. According to McNutt, the decal was installed to signal to passersby the location of his office.  

His normal workday is straightforward. First, McNutt patrols the campus grounds, on foot or by golf cart, to search for property damage and trespassers. He conducts these patrols multiple times a day to “make sure it’s safe for students, staff, and stakeholders.”  

McNutt is a police officer in the Central Arizona College Police Department. The CACPD is a public law enforcement agency that services the Maricopa, San Tan, Signal Peak, and Superstition Mountain campuses of CAC. He has worked as a police officer for the CACPD since July of 2019. As the solo officer assigned to the San Tan Campus, McNutt ensures safety on a campus with four buildings and over 72,000 square feet of indoor space.  

At the age of 42, McNutt decided to become a police officer, leaving behind his career as an employee at a landscape construction company. He said he made this decision after participating in ride-alongs with friends who were police officers. In 2014, he graduated from the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center in Tuscon. McNutt worked with the Casa Grande PD and Superior PD before he joined the CACPD.  

When asked what his favorite part of the job was, McNutt said he is a “people person.” He enjoys interacting with people instead of sitting behind a desk. He likes to talk to people about their questions, concerns, or even answer curiosities about law enforcement in general. “Working at CAC allows me to work with students of all ages. I enjoy seeing them on our campus,” he said. 

When asked about the hardest part of the job, McNutt said, “Balancing time with my family.” Photos of his wife of 29 years and his two sons sat atop his office desk.  

 “Over the years I have missed a lot of birthdays, holidays, and other events in life due to the different shifts. We don’t get those days off.” He continued, “My kids grew up so fast and I miss them. You can’t get that time back.” His two sons are military personnel, serving in the Air Force and Marine branches respectively. 

Along with his assignment at the San Tan Campus, McNutt is also a certified Glock Armorer, General Instructor, Background Investigator, and a Firearms Instructor for the Police Department. He attended over 144 hours to obtain the certifications. When asked for the reasoning behind the extra training, he stated, “These aren’t just certifications. These are areas I like to think I’m good at and have a passion for.” He also said, “Chief Roberts has encouraged all of us to continue our education and get certified in many areas.”  

In addition to CACPD Chief Gregory Roberts, McNutt also credits his sergeants Garry Arnold and Adam Rodriguez for their mentorship. “We have two sergeants, sergeant Arnold and sergeant Rodriguez, who bring a ton of experience too. Both of them retired from other agencies and mentor us daily.”  

At the end of his interview, McNutt spoke about important information he felt students should be aware of.  

His personal safety tips are as follows:  

  • Walk with confidence and stick to the center of aisles.  
  • If you feel unsafe, ask a friend or a campus officer to escort you to classes or your vehicle.  
  • Keep car keys in your hands when you approach your vehicle.  
  • Report any suspicious activity you may witness.  
  • Contact the campus authorities if you feel unsafe. 

Most importantly, he advised people should be alert, especially in dark and vacant places.  

McNutt said he wanted students to feel comfortable approaching him. “If you see me walking around campus or in my office, please don’t hesitate to say ‘Hi’.”  

He said he wants to help students, and he means it! From walking students to cars, to the disposal of rattlesnakes, campus officers are there for students and staff alike. 

 The Signal Peak Campus has an officer on duty 24/7. The San Tan, Maricopa, and Superstition Mountain campuses all have officers on duty Monday through Thursday, from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. According to CAC’s 2020 Annual Security and Fire Report, contracted security guards patrol the STC, MAC, and SMC campuses when officers are not on duty.  

To contact McNutt in case of an emergency call 520-709-0187. If an emergency happens when the campus police officers are not on duty, students should use the blue boxes on campus which will connect to 911 and offer emergency assistance.  

Follow this link to access emergency phone numbers and for more information about the CACPD.