Clubs and Organizations


Gabriel Ramirez, Staff Writer

Central Arizona College clubs provide students with the resources they need to succeed, both academically and professionally.  

The clubs and organizations at CAC help students become leaders, learn social skills, and participate in service, religious, or educational activities. Clubs can also help students become involved in ethnic and cultural projects. Each organization hopes to help students reach their goals, professional or otherwise, faster.  


The benefits of club membership 

“The pros outweigh the cons,” stated Travares Peterson, Director of Student Engagement and Activities. The clubs at CAC include honor societies and leadership organizations. Through club membership, students can become eligible for scholarship opportunities. These opportunities can open doors for jobs, business experience, and other programs offered at CAC.  

“Students in an organization are 8 times more likely to graduate on time, or quicker than students that are not involved in any clubs or organizations,” stated Peterson.  

Students can be nominated or invited to join clubs if the requirements are met. 


Clubs available at CAC 

Beta Upsilon Sigma Business Club 

Beta Upsilon Sigma Business club will give students the chance to participate at a local and national level in various business competitions. The students involved in the club will learn about the products, principles, and practices of the marketing process.  


Central Arizona Student Nursing Association (CASNA) 

The CASNA program can improve and develop one’s professional role in health care. 


Christian Challenge 

Christian Challenge club is known for having a large student involvement. Christian Challenge is a collaboration of CAC and the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention. 


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 

NAMI finds ways to educate students about mental health and improve mental health services. The club offers a safe environment for students to find support and to share their experiences.  


National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) 

Students are selected based on their academic achievement and leadership potential. Student scholarship funds reach up to 500,000 dollars. Members of NSLS have access to exclusive job opportunities and private networking events.  


Newman Club 

The Newman Club, named after Cardinal John Henry Newman, is a faith group for students who want to be involved in a Christian environment. The club provides opportunities for service activities and spiritual growth. 


Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) 

Phi Theta Kappa helps students develop leadership and service skills. PTK offers opportunities for fellowship with other scholars. Members of PTK also have access to multiple PTK exclusive scholarships.  


How can students join CAC clubs or create a club?  

To join or create a club, students should first go to CAC’s website, Under the tab “Campus Life” students will find a “Student Activities” page. From here, there will be a “Learn more” column on the right that will direct students to “Clubs and Organizations” and “Student Leadership Opportunities” tabs. Those tabs will give students information about certain clubs.  

If students have additional questions about clubs and organizations, they should contact Travares Peterson at [email protected]