CAC Free Tuition

Nolan Ford, Staff Writer

Free tuition is offered to Pinal County residents who want to attend CAC during the 2021-2022 school year.  


Angela Askey, CAC’s Executive Director in Public Relations and Marketing, stated, “CAC received special funding due to the Federal American Rescue Plan.” The rescue plan was created to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding allowed CAC to give debt relief to people with outstanding debt in 2020. The funding also allowed CAC to provide free tuition to Pinal residents for this school year, along with three free credits to all students, regardless of where they reside.   


Askey stated in an interview, “CAC is in the Pinal County Community College District. Thus, the focus is on Pinal. For more than 50 years CAC has been serving the diverse communities of Pinal County.” Therefore, CAC decided to give free tuition to Pinal residents only.   


In an interview, a CAC student who resides in Pinal County stated, “This will really help students who maybe are struggling financially to get that education they have been wanting.” Many students find that this free tuition and three free credits have helped ease the burden of getting a good education.  


Whitney Currie, a CAC student, said, “As a returning student who is not working, this has helped a lot with allowing me to keep savings that would have otherwise been spent on school.” Whitney can now focus on school without the added pressure of a job.   


CAC will be offering free tuition and three free credits until the end of the 2022 spring semester. So, sign up for spring classes while you have the chance! Registration for the spring semester starts on Oct. 12.