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2016-2017 Staff

Kevin Abke

Cactus Writer

Kevin Abke is working on completing a transfer degree to Arizona State University. His major is Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology. Kevin moved to Arizona 3 years ago, and has been attending C.A.C. full time for the past...

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Monique Shifflette

Cactus Writer

My name is Monique Shifflette and I just recently joined The Cactus this spring. I'm a bit obsessed with animals, especially dogs, and I enjoy playing my ukulele and watching Netflix in my free time. It's my second year here at...

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Michaela Korges

Cactus Writer

Michaela Korges loves the way that words bow to her command in a way that math equations won't. She spends a lot of her time with her family, two cats, and a dog. The rest she spends at CAC working towards and associate's degree...

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Lenah Lankhaar

Cactus Writer

My name is Lenah Lankhaar and have lived in Casa Grande my whole life. I am majoring in Chemistry and am transferring to Manchester Metropolitan University. Writing has recently become a hobby and I really enjoy writing about...

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Ashley Jackson

Cactus Writer

Ashley is currently a freshman at CAC Maricopa, studying Film and Media Production. She graduated from Maricopa High School as Ram Studio News's co-head anchor in Broadcast Journalism. Dedicated to her craft, she plans on pursuing...

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Miranda Martinez

Cactus Contributor

Miranda Martinez was born in the hippie town of Tucson, Arizona. Saying good bye to her art district bungalow and Golden Chow puppy she came out to Coolidge in search of new friends and adventures. With a love for the moon and ...

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Kamille Ritchie

Cactus Editor

Kamille Ritchie is originally from the sunshine state of California but has lived in Casa Grande for the past 10 years. She has attended Central Arizona College since the fall of 2013 with plans to complete an A.A. in Liberal...

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Marielle Ariete

Cactus Staff Writer

Marielle is a graphic design major who was born and raised in Arizona. Although baking in the Arizona heat sounds pleasing to others, Marielle prefers to stay inside and read comic books or play video games. In order for her...

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Vann Lozano

Cactus Staff Writer

Vann Lozano is a Graphic Design student who enjoys taking pictures of a variety of things. Even though they moved from California when they were two, they still haven't gotten used to the blistering heat of the Arizona sun. Vann...

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Rebecca Christensen

Cactus Staff Writer

There are a few things you should know about Rebecca.  One,  she loves to harass her dog. Two,  even though her family calls her argumentative,  she maintains she just likes to debate. Three,  she likes her cocoa in her coffee,...

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